Louisa & Morten

In Fogo island our key staff – The face of our business - is composed  by:


1) Luisa Lopes Jorgensen, the  Administrator.  Hi there!  I was born on Fogo, but was raised on the island of São Vicente  and in Santiago – Praia, the capital of the country.  I spent eight years outside Cape Verde  completing my university studies, before returning to find a Viking on my  island!

2) Morten  Vincent, Captain and sea lover. Hi, I hail from Denmark,  but moved to Cape Verde  to fish when I was 24 years old.  Here I  met a beautiful local girl named Luisa and fell in love.  We got married in 2000.

Around the clock we have a  group of professionals AND links in Fogo and around the islands as well as  internationally from managers to IT, tourist guides to cooks. Make a wish and see it come through with ZEBRATRAVEL



The secret  of our business success resides in our innovative capacity to adopt new  approaches in the tourism business from client’s contacts to the differentiated  services we provide which brings value to our customers.


Welcome to Zebra core values

Our trademark is Quality Service and Professionalism throughout the company - please try us out...